Pre – powdered with medical grade Corn Starch.
Gloves made up of high tensile strength & elongation.
High electrical resistance.
Each glove lot is checked for water-tight & air-tight tests.
Each glove has smooth surface for better sensitivity & tactility.
“HYGYN” gloves conform to ASTM D – 3578 & all other international standards.
Wide range of sizes - SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE.
There are lots of reasons why these nitrile gloves are very good choice for the healthcare experts:
  All disposable nitrile gloves are the medical grade & latex-free.
Low chemical residue & protien content.
They are sturdy, thus they do not puncture or else tear easily.
They also provide very strong barrier of the protection and resists chemicals such as greases, solvents and oils.
They reduce the chances of annoyance and allergic reactions.
Their flexible, soft, design make a comfortable fit, as well as they has got tacky texture to help dexterity.
The nitrile gloves are obtainable in different sizes, small Medium & Large, to fit different hand sizes. They as well come in the powdered and the powder free.
  Good transperancy.
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