In the Event Of any Emengency of any measure, One Can only knock at teh Doorsteps of the Ambulance Service. That is easily accessible in the hand to overcome any eventuality that may require immediate attention.
  Types of Emergency
Burn, Fire, Serious Illness, Murder, Accident, Flood, Heart Attack, New Born Etc.
  • Advances Life Saving Ambulance (ALS)
• Basic Life Saving Ambulance (BLS)
• Rural Life saving Ambulance (RLS)
• Mobile medical Unit (MMU)


  • Reinforced Interior Frame
• Floor and panel Covered with Thermal and sound proofind, using a high    quality washable material.
• Rust proof Base for easy maintenance.
• High intensity heatless lighting system to cover the whole compartment,    distriduted uniformly.
• Partition between driver and patient Compartment.
• Ambulance painted by anti corrosion paint: Steps to help the crew load    the stretcher.
• Patient’s condition indicator in driver’s compartment with three indication    lamps
• Paramedical bag containing all essential emergency equipment.
• Oxygen Tank fixed to the floor complete with regulator and mask.
• Complete first aid kit along with splinters, surgical scissors.
• Electronoc siren and revolving flashers.
• Curtains on rear cabin windows.
• Fire extinguishers.
• Light material stretchers: Most efficient use of internal space.
• Comfortable suspension system suitable for ambulance
• Option for adding: Air-Conditioning and Fridge.
• Low Vibration : Noise proof and Hydraulic Brakes.
• Hand and foot operated suction unit: Heart beat monitor and Folbable    Wheel Chair